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Floorbook Approach

The Talking and Thinking Floorbook Approach® is a child-led approach to the planning cycle which has been developed by Claire.

Floorbooks® are used by a diverse range of settings all across the world, including in the UK, Australia, and US. Claire and her trainers offer Floorbook training to help practitioners make the most out of the approach. The courses examine the place of child centred planning cycles in the 0-11 educational sectors and how they can impact upon Higher Order Thinking skills in all areas of educational practice. The courses are designed to look at the way we involve our children from the age of 0 to 12 years in planning their learning whilst still being accountable to the curriculum.

But what is a Floorbook?

A Floorbook is...
A child-led learning resource
A key aspect of the Floorbook is that the approach is child-led. Children decide what the flow of the lesson will be depending on what has taken their interest, with adults being able to develop these ideas further. Using what children are interested in to create lessons allows the curriculum to be carried out in an innovative and fun way.

A Floorbook is...
A method of developing higher order thinking (HOT)
Floorbooks encourage children to question and be critical of concepts which they hold a personal interest in. By challenging children to create links in their own learning we can develop higher order thinking. Floorbooks are a method of finding out what children know before, during and after a block of structured experiences. They are therefore a great record of showing how HOT skills have improved.

A Floorbook is...
A Planning Tool
Through use of a Floorbook practitioners can create Possible Lines of Development (PLODs) which will allow for future lesson planning. 3D mind mapping and Talking Tubs are often at the centre of a lesson involving floorbooks. From this it is easy for practitioners to see what children are interested in and therefore what future lessons can cover.

A Floorbook is...
At the heart of excellent child centered learning
When used to their full extent, Floorbooks will be at the heart of your practice through the Talking and Thinking Floorbooks Approach. Children can access a Floorbook whenever they wish to, and floorbooks can be used on as and when is appropriate to create & support lessons. Adopting the approach in your setting will create an environment of listening & encouragement which children will flourish in.

Floorbook Approach

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